Yatra.com Affiliate Program – Make Money at NO COST & NO EFFORTS


The number one online travel company of India, yatra.com not only believes but, ‘Creates Happy Travelers’ following its corporate philosophy honestly. It is one-stop online shop for all  travel related facilities people look for– ticket booking,  accommodation and more besides offering a range of tour packages for spending memorable times.

Today, yatra.com is highly preferred online travel company assisting thousands of travelers everyday to ensure everything is precisely arranged.

Yatra.com offers a promising opportunity to earn if you own a website.  Join Yatra.com Affiliate Program. It is a simple participation. You only need to allow publishing yatra.com link on your website. Nothing more, the rest goes on automatically. What you wait for; their affiliate program generates commission for you on a regular basis.

How does it work?

Factually speaking, millions of travelers access yatra’s website for varied travel related information and needs.  This is place of clear gain for you.  If you own a website, use it to make money.  Promote yatra.com Affiliate Program publishing a link to convert your website traffic to cash.  Here it is:

  • You don’t have to spend a dime; no charges and no fee for publishing
  • No monitoring required
  • Joining is very simple
  • you need spending only a few minutes to create an account with any of their affiliate marketing networks

How much you can earn via DG Perform, Shoogloo, Tyroo, NetworkPlay?

Partnering with yatra.com Affiliate Program on any of these affiliate marketing network platforms opens up chances of earning decent amount doing nothing.  More the traffic your website generates, the more is chance of your earning.

Shoogloo, DG Perform, Tyroo, NetworkPlay technology platforms working as online marketing agencies. Their business is helping people find out services and products online. Their    activities also include assisting merchants/marketers for running affiliate programs.

These affiliate marketing network platforms handle all traffic activities for yatra.com Affiliate Program (the merchant/marketer) on your website (the publisher). Affiliate networks track the activities on a publisher’s website, monitor, report to the merchant and pay commission for the generated business.

Popularity of your website is the only factor that counts. After all, you have hosted your website to attract more people looking for what you say and sell. Obvious demand is nice website and rich contents, which you consciously maintain.

So, focus on enriching your website to improve its popularity and generate more traffic and more sales. Yatra.com link published at your website will take care to make you decent money.  More the traffic at your website, more you earn.

Yatra affiliate commission structure

Saying in one word, Yatra’s affiliate commission structure is ‘beautiful’. It is almost like free money coming easily. It is structured in three ways.

  • You earn on number of domestic flight transactions generated via your website. There is prospect of making good money with increasing demand for flight tickets.
  • For domestic hotel bookings, your commission is based on the value of the bookings. You can feel confident of earning a decent commission that works out on the basis of booking value (no worries if the booking value is not much; you earn more than 10 percent on booking values up to Rs.5000). Just consider the increasing demand for nice hotels in India, the class of people   patronizing those hotels and the pricey charges they bear.  It is   nothing but, escalating demand of the people for better life.  And that gives you an idea of what a handsome scope of earning is in.
  • Oh Yes! There is something more still. International flight bookings through your website do not go unpaid; definitely it gets you a credit. Earning a commission on international flight booking is another avenue of your earning. It is a flat credit you earn for each ticket booked via yatra.com link at your website.

Take a look at what you earn:

Yatra.com Affiliate Commission Structure

What is the payment method?

Your website and the affiliate network (the marketing platform) silently work for you.  Everything is automatic, monitoring the business done by yatra.com using your link and crediting payment to your account.




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