The 75 Highest Paying, Best Affiliate Programs in India 2024

Best Affiliate Programs in India

Love your blog or website? How about making money off of it?

It would be cool, right?

Imagine your blog or website earning thousands of rupees every month. And the amount keeps on increasing with every passing hour.

If you can dream it you can achieve it with affiliate marketing, as it has unlimited earning potential. brings you 75 highest paying best affiliate programs in India. We’ve selected these programs from web hosting, online shopping, matrimony, recruitment, health, fitness, fashion, cosmetics, and traveling.

The 75 Highest Paying, Best Affiliate Programs in India Only for Those Who Want to Become Rich and Famous!

You can become rich and famous with affiliate marketing. All you need to begin is a website and a good affiliate program. Promote merchant products as an affiliate on your website, and earn money on each sale.

A Quick Look at Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a new concept. It’s been around for decades. A business pays its affiliates to market its products.

A total of three parties are involved in affiliate marketing: business, affiliate, and consumer.

The business gets in touch with you to market its products. It provides you with the necessary advertisement material related to the products you choose to advertise, like banners, text ads, etc.

As an affiliate, you place those ads on your website for users to click on.

The user clicks through your ads to reach the merchant’s website and makes a purchase. And you get a commission for that sale.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, check our step-by-step beginner’s guide.

The Future of Affiliate Marketing in India

The future of affiliate marketing in India is bright.

Affiliate marketing drives roughly 15% to 20% of total online sales. In the years to come, this number is only expected to grow because the number of people shopping online is increasing daily.

In a recent report, IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) estimated that the affiliate marketing industry in India would cross the $835 million mark by 2025.

NASSCOM (The National Association of Software and Service Companies) reported in 2019 that India is the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world.

Today, people don’t just get online to buy essential items. They use online travel websites to buy holiday packages, book tickets, and book hotels. People are buying insurance online. They’re buying medicines online. They’re buying TVs and fridges online. They’re buying furniture. They’re visiting matrimonial sites for matchmaking. The list of online services is growing.

Such growth means affiliate marketing is here to stay and ready to reward you with generous commissions. It would be best if you tried it.

Let’s look at the 75 highest-paying best affiliate programs in India for 2024, categorized niche-wise.

Best Hosting Affiliate Programs in India

Web hosting is one of the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing today.

Every website needs web hosting. And due to that, thousands of hosting providers are operating out there, waiting to power more and more websites. The competition is sky-high, and so are the affiliate commissions.

Choose a hosting affiliate program, and select the types of hosting services you want to promote through your website. When done well, your visitors will buy hosting services through you, making you profits.

Ideal for: People who love to write on web hosting

Success Mantra: Write descriptive reviews. Help your readers make the right decision. Be honest while recommending products. Keep your articles up-to-date. Negotiate with your hosting affiliate for exclusive offers for your visitors.

#1 Pick: Bluehost Affiliate Program

Hostinger Affiliate Program


HostGator Affiliate Program


GoDaddy Affiliate Program


SiteGround Affiliate Program


Kinsta Affiliate Program


GreenGeeks Affiliate Program


InterServer Affiliate Program


DreamHost Affiliate Program


BigRock Affiliate Program


InMotion Affiliate Program


iPage Affiliate Program


HostPapa Affiliate Program


Cloudways Affiliate Program


A2Hosting Affiliate Program


Best Online Shopping/ E-commerce Affiliate Programs in India

Online shopping is a definitive way to make money as an affiliate. Because people are buying a wide range of products like mobiles, clothes, accessories, shoes, electronics, home appliances, beauty products, perfumes, toys, books, stationery, groceries, and even furniture online. E-commerce websites know this trend well, adding more products to their catalogs daily.

You can make huge affiliate profits with e-commerce websites. You need to promote the right products to the right people in the right way.

Online shopping is not limited to metropolitan cities anymore. People from cities, towns and even villages are shopping online. It means your audience is spread across the nation.

Help people buy the right stuff by showing them product benefits. Educate your readers well, and they will certainly buy products from you.

One good thing about an online shopping affiliate program is that you get paid on the total order value rather than only the product that you recommended.

Ideal for: People who can write easily on various products

Success Mantra: Provide genuine reviews of the products. Pick only one category initially, which will keep things simple and help you establish yourself as an authority in one particular niche. Use social media a lot. Keep your readers happy with exclusive offers and discounts.

#1 Pick: Amazon India Affiliate Program


Flipkart Affiliate Program


SnapDeal Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

eBay Affiliate Program


Shopclues Affiliate Programs


Best Job Affiliate Programs in India

If terms like job search, career building, resume writing, freelancing, and employment opportunities grab your attention, you are the right candidate for a job affiliate program.

Become a job affiliate today and help people find the right jobs. Help employers hire the perfect candidates. Assist freshers with job searching and career building. List job openings on your website and earn commissions when people get hired through you.

Ideal for: People who love to write about jobs and careers

Success Mantra: Provide the latest information. Write in a friendly tone. Take care while writing facts and figures. Educate your visitors on job searching skills. Keep them engaged with timely and valuable information. Show career tips.

#1 Pick: Fiverr Affiliate Program

( Affiliate program


Monster India Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

CareerBuilder Affiliate Program


CareerKey Affiliate Program


ResumeRobin Affiliate Program


Freelancer Affiliate Program


Elance Market Affiliate Program


oDesk Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

Best Matrimonial Affiliate Programs in India

Online matrimonial sites are trendy in India and among Indians living in other countries. People use marriage websites to find perfect marriage partners for themselves, their family members, relatives, and friends.

Sites like,, and are popular names nationwide.

The growing success of matrimony sites in India is a clear sign that you can earn some of the highest commissions with them. Here are the best matrimonial affiliate programs for you to try.

Ideal for: People who can write effectively

Success Mantra: Select the right marketing material. Carefully place it at the right spots on your websites. Engage your visitors with engaging content.

#1 Pick: BharatMatrimony Affiliate Program

( Affiliate Program


JeevanSaathi Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

AngelMatrimony Affiliate Program

( Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

Best Fashion and Lifestyle Affiliate Programs in India

There are thousands of fashion and lifestyle websites that are loved by millions of people in India. These sites specialize in clothing, accessories, footwear, toiletries, and other essential items for men, women, and kids.,,,,,, and are some examples of online sites selling fashion and lifestyle items.

Their popularity is why you should try a fashion and lifestyle affiliate program. If you can handle this niche very well, try any of the following programs immediately.

Ideal for: People who love to write about the latest trends in fashion

Success Mantra: Stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends. Read and research a lot. Use Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook more. Use pictures instead of text links. Focus on creating visual content.

#1 Pick: Affiliate Program

( Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

HomeShop18 Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

Club Factory Affiliate Program

( Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks) Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks) Affiliate Program

( Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

WYO Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

AND India Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

Global Desi Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

Biba Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

LimeRoad Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks) Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

FirstCry Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

Best Health and Fitness Affiliate Programs in India

If you’re passionate about health and fitness, some great affiliate programs are available to earn profits.

This niche covers sports nutrition, vitamins and supplements, health food and drinks, Ayurvedic herbs, and exercise and sports equipment.

Health and fitness products are in great demand, so you’re looking at some serious affiliate commissions in this niche. Here are some of the best health and fitness affiliate programs in India.

Ideal for: Health and fitness writers, fitness experts, dietitians, Yoga writers, people who’re passionate about helping other people live a healthy life

Success Mantra: Research your products thoroughly before you start writing about it. Write honest reviews of your products. Make genuine recommendations. Find out common questions about your products and try to answer them descriptively.

#1 Pick: Medlife Affiliate Program


India Herbs Affiliate Program


Stayfit Affiliate Program (

FitBit Affiliate Program


eVitamins Health and Beauty Affiliate Program


PharmEasy Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

1Mg Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

NetMeds Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

Practo Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

Best Makeup and Cosmetics Affiliate Programs in India

Makeup and cosmetics is an evergreen affiliate marketing niche. Unlike other niches, you don’t have to worry about economic downturns with makeup and cosmetics. People will always afford cosmetics.

If you love to blog about makeup and cosmetics, we have some of the best affiliate programs for you.

Ideal for: People who enthusiastically write about cosmetics

Success Mantra: Recommend products with authority. Write in a friendly, joyful tone. Focus on visual content. Use Instagram and Pinterest more.

#1 Pick: New Beauty Centre Affiliate Program


The Body Shop Affiliate Program


SheaButter Affiliate Program


Beauty Source Affiliate Program


Nykaa Affiliate Program (Available only through affiliate networks)

Best Travel Affiliate Programs in India

You will love travel affiliate programs in India if you’re a travel writer.

Traveling is an all-time, super-hit business. People love to travel to different tourist destinations in India and worldwide.

Promote tour packages, hotel bookings, travel tickets, and similar stuff on your website and earn commissions when people purchase.

Ideal for: Travel writers and people who love traveling

Success Mantra: Use blogging and social media marketing. Write descriptive posts. Guide people on where, when, how to go, where to stay, what to do there, and other related topics. Be honest. Be energetic in your writing.

#1 Pick: Affiliate Program


TripAdvisor Affiliate Program


MakeMy Trip Affiliate Program (Available through affiliate networks only)

Expedia India Affiliate Program

( Affiliate Program


Goibibo Affiliate Program (Available through affiliate networks only)

TravelGuru Affiliate Program


OYO Rooms Affiliate Program


SkyScanner Affiliate Program


RedBus Affiliate Program


Agoda Affiliate Program


CheapFlights Affiliate Program


5 Proven Ways to Promote Affiliate Products like a Pro

Most beginners don’t know how to make the right start when promoting affiliate products. It’s a good thing that we’ve found five proven ways professionals use to promote affiliate products. Have a look.

#1: Blogging

Blogging is by far the most effective method of promoting affiliate products. People love blogs because blogs are informative. Google loves blogs because blogs are up-to-date. So, creating a blog related to your niche makes perfect sense.

Use your blog to promote affiliate products by writing great content. Use pictures. Record videos of yourself reviewing products and share them on your blog if you can.

Your prime goal is to show your user the benefits of your affiliate products. And it’s completely up to you to decide how you want to do it.

#2: Social Media Marketing

Use the power of social media to promote your affiliate products. Try Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. You have many choices.

Create engaging posts and then share them with your users. Promote your products and make users reach the vendor’s website to make purchases.

#3: Email Marketing

Email marketing is another great way to communicate with your readers.

Create informative, exciting newsletters, and send them to your subscribers. Include links to your products in the newsletter.

To grow your mailing list, ask people to subscribe to your newsletter when they visit your website. You can also give freebies to your subscribers instead of an email address.

#4: WhatsApp Marketing

People hardly ignore WhatsApp messages they receive. That iconic ding, heard every time a new message arrives, compels people to check the message at the earliest. Plus, if people like something, they quickly forward it to their friends.

Begin by downloading the WhatsApp Business app. Then create your business profile, automated message, and greetings. WhatsApp also provides basic analytics that you can use to monitor the number of sent, delivered, read, and forwarded messages.

After setting up your business profile, create different groups of people, and then promote your affiliate products in those groups. Use the Status feature of WhatsApp to introduce the latest products or offers. This feature is also integrated with Facebook Stories. You can share the same content on your Facebook page as a Story with just a touch.

Using WhatsApp, you can interact with your users in real time. You can quickly reply to their messages and attend to their queries. You can take your affiliate marketing to the next level with WhatsApp.

#5: Paid Advertisements

As the name suggests, this method costs you money. But it offers instant results. Advertise your affiliate products on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. You also can advertise your affiliate products on more prominent websites that get massive traffic.

Bonus Tip: Google loves great content. Therefore, writing great content that your users find interesting and valuable makes sense.

Questions People Ask about Affiliate Marketing in India

It’s natural to have some questions before you begin with something new. Here are some frequently asked questions about affiliate marketing in India. Take a look.

Is affiliate marketing profitable in India?

Absolutely. Affiliate marketing is very profitable in India. Some affiliate programs are available exclusively in India.

The amount of money you can make with affiliate marketing depends entirely on your limits.

But before that, you must establish yourself as an authority in a particular niche. Focus on increasing your site traffic and building a community of people who trust you.

What is the highest-paying affiliate program?

Try hosting affiliate programs, as they offer some of the best commissions.

Your profit depends on two factors, the product you’re promoting and the percentage of commission you’re getting per sale.

Let’s say you sell Product A for a 60% commission, but you hardly sell more than 2 per day because the product is not in great demand.

On the other hand, you sell Product B for a 20% commission and sell almost 20 per day.

Product B offers more profit than Product A, which is worth selling.

Promote only those products that offer better profits at the end of that day.

How to start affiliate marketing in India?

Follow these steps.

  1. Get a website if you don’t have one already.
  2. Join an affiliate program from this article.
  3. Promote affiliate products on your website.
  4. Earn commission on every sale.

How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?

You can start affiliate marketing with no money using any of the methods listed below.

  • Using a free blog
  • Through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit
  • With a YouTube channel
  • Using WhatsApp

Which affiliate program is the best in India?

The best affiliate program is the one that offers higher payouts.

Since you’re probably just starting, we recommend choosing an affiliate program that’s related to your area of expertise and has less competition.

High-paying affiliate programs are usually very competitive, so you should avoid them as a beginner.

How do I start affiliate marketing as a beginner?

Just get a website, join an affiliate program, and start promoting affiliate products through it—that’s affiliate marketing. To learn more, check our beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing.

Ready to become an affiliate and make profits?

This gigantic list of India’s 75 best affiliate programs is a great place to start with affiliate marketing. We’ve covered only the high-paying affiliate programs in it. Join any program from this article and start making profits. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income. You must give it a chance right away. All the best!