Top 3 Indian Grocery Affiliate Programs to Earn Huge Commissions

Top 3 Indian Grocery Affiliate Programs to Earn Huge Commissions

Online grocery shopping is the buzz of the town these days. People are using grocery delivery apps and websites to shop for daily essentials at their convenience.

As of now, the trend is popular in major metropolitan cities only but it’s quickly catching up. Online grocery sites are teaming up with local establishments to ensure nationwide deliveries of their products.

For you, this is a golden opportunity to make money. Leading online grocery stores are looking for passionate affiliates who can help them reach out to millions of people.

You can become an affiliate with any of these grocery delivery sites and earn massive amounts of commissions. Let’s see how.

Make Attractive Profits with India’s Top 3 Grocery Affiliate Programs is on a mission to make highly profitable affiliate programs accessible to you. That’s the reason why we bring you India’s top 3 grocery affiliate programs offered by some of the biggest online grocery stores in India.

These stores are ready to share their fortune with you for a small favor. Just send them more customers through your website or app and receive massive payouts. Interested? Let’s look at your options.

Why Choose a Grocery Affiliate Program

Simply because grocery affiliate programs are:

  • Highly rewarding
    You can earn a generous amount of money in commissions since online grocery stores spend millions of rupees on advertising through their affiliates.
  • Less competitive
    Promoting groceries is a relatively new affiliate marketing niche. There’s less competition, so you have better chances of establishing yourself as an authority.
  • More productive
    People need groceries more than anything else. And, that shows just how demanding this segment is. You can earn thousands of rupees on a daily basis.
  • Long lasting
    Grocery affiliate programs are here to stay because people need groceries every single day. The more they buy through you, the better payouts you’ll receive.

#1: BigBasket Affiliate Program

BigBasket is India’s largest online grocery store with more than 20,000 products and over 1,000 brands.

They have over 5 million registered customers. And, as of now, they deliver more than 50,000 orders a day across 26 cities in India.

BigBasket’s affiliate program is a great way to earn attractive payouts. You can earn up to 7% payout on every successful purchase.

How It Works

BigBasket’s affiliate program is pretty straightforward.

  • Join the BigBasket affiliate program for free.
  • Find out the best deals that you want to promote.
  • Pick from the collection of creatives (banners, links, etc.).
  • Share them on your website or app to drive your traffic to BigBasket.
  • Earn up to 7% commission when an order is placed through your links.

Things You Must Know

Take a look at the following things before you join BigBasket’s affiliate program.

  • You can send traffic to BigBasket through your blog or website, your emails, or online advertisements.
  • As an affiliate you need to raise a monthly invoice exceeding 2,000 rupees. The minimum account balance is 10,000 rupees.
  • Payments are made within 30 days from the date of invoice.
  • The final payment is calculated based on returns and cancellations calculated within the first 7 days into the new month. You can check everything in the affiliate panel.
  • Browser transactions are calculated on the basis of the last click attribution.
  • Cookie duration for any referral is 7 days.
  • App conversions (install + transaction) are tracked only on fresh installs or for devices that have not installed the BigBasket app in the last 90 days.

Become a BigBasket affiliate partner today to start making superior payouts.

#2: Amazon Pantry Affiliate Program

Amazon Pantry is another huge online grocery shopping store that sells grocery staples, daily essentials, snacks, beverages, packaged food, personal care, baby products, and a lot more.

People love to buy groceries from Amazon because of Amazon’s brand value. Over the years, Amazon has become a household name in India for its world-class online shopping experience. And, that is a huge advantage of joining Amazon’s grocery affiliate program.

Amazon offers a free-to-join affiliate program called Amazon Associates that lets you earn up to 9% commission for promoting various grocery store products.

How It Works

There are just 3 simple steps.

  1. Join Amazon Associate for free.
  2. Advertise products to your customers.
  3. Earn commission.

Don’t have a website or an app? You can also recommend Amazon products on your social media profiles and earn fabulous commissions with Amazon Influencer Program.

Things You Must Know

Listed below are the main terms of the Amazon Associates affiliate program.

  • You must own an appropriate website or blog to join the Amazon Associates affiliate program. Inappropriate sites are rejected and they include sites that exhibit sexually explicit materials, violent materials, discriminatory practices against particular races, illegal activities, etc.
  • Amazon pays you for each qualifying purchase, which occurs when a customer reaches Amazon Pantry through your special Amazon link, adds a product to their shopping cart in a single session, and orders that product within 89 days.
  • A session begins when a customer clicks through your special Amazon link and ends either when 24 hours elapse or when the customer places the order or when the customer completes the purchase using someone else’s special Amazon link.
  • You get paid approximately 60 days following the end of each calendar month provided that your total amount due is at least 1,000 rupees. As of now, Amazon pays you through NEFT.

Become an Amazon Pantry grocery affiliate partner today and start earning fantastic profits.

#3: Flipkart Supermart Affiliate Program

Flipkart has also entered the world of online grocery shopping with its very own Flipkart Supermart. It’s a magnificent online grocery store where you can buy a wide range of everyday essentials.

People use the Flipkart Supermart website along with the Flipkart app to buy groceries. Due to the popularity of Flipkart, the store has quickly become an established name in online grocery shopping.

The Supermart is here to stay and so is the opportunity to earn huge profits by becoming a Flipkart affiliate.

Flipkart Supermart affiliate program lets you earn 11% commission for every new customer order and 3% commission for every existing customer order on desktop/mobile website and mobile app.

How It Works

Becoming a Flipkart affiliate is simple and free.

  1. Join the Flipkart affiliate program.
  2. Promote Flipkart links on your website or app.
  3. Drive traffic to Flipkart.
  4. Earn commissions on every purchase.

Things You Must Know

Here is a glimpse of the fine print associated with the Flipkart affiliate program.

  • Flipkart pays you for the products that are not returned or canceled within 30 days.
  • Flipkart pays you directly either through eGift Vouchers (eGV) or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Your total amount due must be 2,500 rupees in case of eGV and 5,000 rupees in case of EFT.

Become a Flipkart Supermart affiliate today for some serious affiliate earnings. 

Get ready to earn high-paying commissions with grocery affiliate programs!

Online grocery shopping apps are the talk of the town. People today are using grocery delivery apps and websites more than ever. Companies in turn are doing everything to get ahead of the competition. In a bid to do that, they are offering fantastic rewards to affiliates. Become an affiliate today and start earning extra money with grocery shopping apps and websites. Good luck!