Top Software Affiliate Programs

Software Affiliate Programs

These days it’s pretty easy to build a site that too, sometimes, for free. But what if we tell you that you can take your website to all together different level via Affiliate Marketing that not just give an edge over your competitors but also some real extra money to sustain the battle ground.

Do you have a content oriented website and people like the stuff you upload? Do you plan to make the most out of the traffic you are able to attract? If yes then all your queries will come to rest once you choose be an affiliate online.

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How Affiliate Marketing system works?

To put it simply, affiliate programs, also known as associate programs, are basically agreement between an online merchant and a website owner wherein the merchant’s site pays off affiliate’s sites a fee to help them generate traffic by re-directing their traffic to the merchant’s website.

This term of contract, by and large, is rooted in the amount the traffic the affiliate sends to the merchant’s site, or on the purchases made by the people sent by the latter.

The Parties Involved?

The contract or the affiliate marketing is partnered within the following three sub heads and no link can be broken for a perfect countdown:

  • The Customer
  • The Merchant’s Website
  • The Affiliate’s Website

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So the basic bottom line is this: bring the traffic to the merchant’s website, help him sell some products and take home your commission. The customers you bring as an affiliate is directly proportional to the commission you earn.

Now that the whole idea excites you, here is the list of top software affiliate programs that’ll help you take your first step towards the big thing.

#1 – Commission Junction

This is one of the first affiliate network which has been up and running more efficiently than any other platform of late. The only problem with this platform is that for popular networks you seek approval of the advertiser. And because advertiser usually doesn’t accept new affiliates, it’s a tough nut to crack.

The Quick Showcase

  • Huge selection of offers, together with special offers you won’t find anywhere else
  • Excellent support team to help you sort issues within no time

#2 – ShareASale

This is yet another affiliate network you can go with as this seems to be a choice of many newcomers, owing to its steadfast support. The commission rates are decent but at hugely depend on the advertiser and the product.

The Quick Showcase

  • Lots of advertisers and hundreds of products to choose from
  • Easy registration and clean and steady payment system

#3 – Amazon

This is yet another affiliate network that offer stirring commission rates to its affiliates and hence is able to attract many newcomers and veterans towards their software affiliate programs. It is owing to its popularity, Amazon stands at number three in our list of top software affiliate programs.

The Quick Showcase

  • Commissions are not that munificent but you can use it monetize any niche
  • Best choice for Books and CDs along with health care products

#4 – eBay

This is also a great software affiliate program network though the options are not many when compared to Amazon. Admission isn’t easy because the portal has already many affiliates and hence is quite choosy about their offerings.

  • As far as commissions are concerned, this isn’t one of the utmost paying networks but if you can arrive at first-rate sales volumes, you can make en-cash decent money out of it.
  • The support system works really well and hence have dependable software affiliate programs on board.

#5 – ClickBank

If you have a website wherein book lovers end up, then this software affiliate program network is for you which is known for e-books and other digital products. Though it isn’t a great network in terms of user interface and logic, it a platform worth every try.

The Quick Showcase

  • Best networks with really generous commissions
  • You are charged if you fail to generate traffic within a stipulate time frame

How Affiliate Networks work?

Affiliate networks govern software programs for individual merchants, taking care of all the work that’s been drawn in, normally taking care of tracking and coverage capabilities to their affiliates to lend a hand in keeping tabs on their profits along with determining which product or service is producing the best returns.

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In the End

Now that you know how affiliate marketing shapes revenue both for the merchant and for the affiliate, don’t hesitate to become one. This list of top software affiliate programs will surely help you put up a good start.

Good Luck!



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