Know More About Snapdeal Affiliate Program

Snapdeal Affiliate Program

Alert: A lot of Snapdeal affiliates have reported to us that their commissions were not paid on time by Snapdeal. In some of the cases, affiliates were not paid at all. We strongly urge you to go through the Snapdeal Affiliate Program’s T&Cs regularly as this document is updated from time to time.

Snapdeal is one among the best three e-commerce sites in India. The site has over 20 million users who are registered and more than 20,000 sellers. People are attracted to this site for shopping in general as they provide products at low prices. The affiliate program by Snapdeal is also equally popular.

About Snapdeal Affiliate Program

Snapdeal offers their own affiliate program to help Indian webmasters and bloggers to earn money online. Though they offered a referral program that offered a commission to people earlier, the Affiliate Programs of Snapdeal have gained a lot of attention in the recent times. This is because the scope to earn money is much high.

How much commission do these programs pay?

If you have opted for the Snapdeal Affiliate Program then you will get a 12% commission from the price of the product sold through the affiliate link of yours during a purchase.  For the sales of one product in Snapdeal site, you will get a maximum commission up to Rs. 400.

What are products can be sold?

You can create affiliate links for all kinds of products like Gadgets, electronic appliances, cosmetics, men’s dresses, women’s clothing, computers, gaming devices, audio, movies and videos, watches, handbags, accessories, footwear, fitness products, toys, baby care, furniture, stationery, jewelry, automotive, perfumes, hobbies, cameras, gold coins, kitchen goods, home furnishings etc.

How are the payments made?

The payments that you get through Snapdeal Affiliate Program are generally made via Electronics Fund Transfer. There is no need for you to reach a specific amount requirement to receive the commission. The commission amount will reach your bank accounts as soon as the final payment amount is finalised.

How can you join these programs?

You just have to click the site link of Snapdeal to get access to a registration form. It would ask for your basic details like name, your address, email address, Bank number, PAN card no., IFSC code of your bank, the name of the beneficiary and the website name where you wish to promote the links of

Creation of Snapdeal Affiliate links

After you signup at their Affiliate Program, you need to wait for some days to get it approved. If approved, you can log in to your Snapdeal account to develop an affiliate link and add it to your site, blog or social media. You can create these affiliate links by choosing the products and then pass tracking parameters to it.

How can your track your referrals of their Affiliate Program?

You can monitor the referral conversions by using the affiliate account links. When a conversion takes place through your affiliate link then it would be included in the affiliate panel. You will have a dashboard which would offer the overview along with details in the reports section. If the transaction is performed in one session then the referral would be successful.

It’s clear that if you join the Snapdeal Affiliate Program, you can begin to earn more through your blog or website.


  1. Snapdeal won’t pay at all.. After working with 6 months earned nearly 3000+ but they never paid. My affiliate id: 81165 . Waiting for payment nearly 3 months and mailed them so many times, they never care to reply. They are cheating webmasters. Flipkart is good. They always pays on time because they validates purchases quickly. Amazon never tried yet.

  2. First of all thank you for commenting here.

    I’m really sorry. I know how it feels like after working so much. We have noted your concern and we’ll update the same in this article.



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