ThemeForest: Best Place to Buy Quality WordPress Themes and Earn through Affiliate Program

ThemeForest- Best place to buy quality themes and earn through affiliate programs

ThemeForest – Perfect place to find the theme you are looking for!

If you are looking for a perfect WordPress theme for WordPress site, we can safely say that you will definitely find that particular theme in the ThemeForest marketplace. The best feature of ThemeForest is that it is a marketplace where numerous designers can sell or showcase their themes while in other theme marketplaces only the company releases its own WordPress themes for sale.

At ThemeForest, you can find WP themes from all the categories like a blog, magazine, corporate, technology, retail businesses, entertainment, e-commerce, HTML5, BuddyPress etc.

ThemeForest is a part of Envato market. ThemeForest offers you the opportunity to buy or sell templates and themes for all popular CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. The ThemeForest site is the biggest marketplace of its kind and many web designers and developers showcase their products on a regular basis.

How to find the WordPress Theme you are looking for?

So, if you are new to ThemeForest, there are lots of ways through which you can find the items you want in ThemeForest.

  • Category List- Allows you to browse the category of the items in the marketplace.
  • Keyword search- On the top – the right of any page a Keyword search field is there.
  • Popular files- You can also check the weekly summary of the most popular items in the ThemeForest marketplace.
  • Featured files- These files are handpicked files by the editors of our site which are launched every week
  • Top authors- Browse through the portfolio of our top authors.

If you have a PayPal account or you use prepaid deposits, you can buy items immediately from ThemeForest.

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Affiliate Marketers! Get the chance to earn money through ThemeForest Affiliate Marketing

If you are an affiliate marketer looking to earn a good income through a good channel, ThemeForest affiliate program is the best.  This affiliate network pays more than $3 million every year and can go to a bigger level.

Themeforest Affiliate Program

How does it work?

The affiliate program by ThemeForest works in the following way-

  • Create an Envato account
  • Send traffic to any page in Envato market also adding the username of your account at the end of the URL
  • When a user clicks your referral link, signs up for a new account and buys an item in any of the Envato market sites, you receive 30% of the item price or the deposit he has made. For example, if the person deposits $100, you get $30 as your commission in your account.
  • Every user of the ThemeForest market is automatically assigned a referral code when he signs up.
  • This referral code you receive can be posted on your blog or social media site etc.
  • The users should have the cookies enabled otherwise Envato will not be able to track the users who have clicked your referral link.
  • The cookie expires after 3 months. So a user clicking your referral link has 3 months to sign up before the cookie expires.

How to withdraw your earnings from ThemeForest affiliate marketing program?

Withdrawals are easy and can be done through a PayPal account. When earnings are less than $50, you can make purchases on any Envato market sites but it is possible to withdraw the balance after 12 months.

For requesting a withdrawal-

  • Sign into the Envato account on the top right of the Envato market sites.
  • Hover the mouse on your username.
  • From the drop-down menu, click ‘Withdrawal’
  • Click “Make the Withdrawal’ button and select a payment type.
  • Choose from the different payment types- Single payment (Any amount), Single payment (All earnings) or Automated Monthly payment (All earnings)

Now select a payment method-

  • PayPal which needs $50 as minimum
  • Skrill which needs $50 as minimum
  • Payoneer which needs $50 as minimum limit
  • SWIFT which needs $500 as minimum limit

After selecting a payment method click on ‘Submit Request’.

Final Words-

So, if you want to take the benefit of picking a nice theme from the largest community of creative developers globally, ThemeForest is the best place for you. Also, as an affiliate marketer, you can find a limitless opportunity to grow your income by joining the ThemeForest affiliate program.


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