Best WordPress Affiliate Programs for Affiliate Marketers

Best WordPress Affiliate Programs for Affiliate Marketers

Do you own a popular website but do not know how to monetize it?

Well, this is a common problem with most of the online business owners and affiliate marketing is the best solution to help. Affiliate marketing is a time tested method for monetizing your website and the barriers to entry are none.

Affiliate marketing solution works for both the content creators and also for those looking for online product marketing.

So, before covering the main theme of this article related to the top WordPress affiliate programs, let us dive into a brief introduction of affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing may seem a complex term to a newbie but in reality, it is a very simple business. If you are the creator of the content, you will pay a fixed price or a percentage to every affiliate who helps you to make sales. This naturally provides an incentive to the affiliates who help you in making your product seen to as many eyes possible.

On the other hand, if you are an affiliate, your main concern will be to get into the perfect channels through which you can market the products you have chosen. Thus the ultimate goal of both parties is to make as many sales as possible and grow through a straightforward relationship.

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Affiliate marketing is done mostly through networking which forms a basis for the operation of affiliate marketing. If you are unaware of the potential of affiliate marketing, then you will be surprised to know that Amazon, eBay and many more big names have already set themselves in this field and have made millions!

WordPress Affiliate Programs

If you ask me in simple words, what are your ideas about WordPress? I will not say that it is just a Content Management system (which most users say). I will say that it is a means of my monthly income. Today many freelancers and web users make money by selling WordPress themes, plug-ins and other services.

WordPress affiliate programs help the affiliate marketers to earn huge commissions. Today the majority of the affiliates are using WordPress affiliate programs for earning a regular income with their online promotions and marketing strategies.

If you run your WordPress blog, you can easily refer the WordPress premium product in your blog. If the user buys it using your referral, you can make money anywhere from $1 to $400 for every referral.

Let us have a look on some of the best WordPress Affiliate programs which include-

Before you start, create a PayPal account if you don’t have- PayPal is a famous payment gateway and most of the affiliate programs use it. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you should go and create one first.

WordPress Themes Affiliate Programs

WordPress provides hundreds of premium WordPress themes for affiliate programs. Some of the best to start are-

Elegant Themes Affiliate Program

Elegant Themes Affiliate Program

One of the topmost selling themes on WordPress is Elegant themes. They are the most recommended and easiest WordPress affiliate programs to start with. There are 86 premium themes of high quality for a price of just $69 and the themes are kept updated.

The Elegant themes affiliate programs offer the following features-

  • For every sale you make through the affiliate channel, you get 50% earning.
  • PayPal is the payment method used
  • For every yearly renewal made, you get a commission

Themeforest Affiliate Program

Themeforest Affiliate Program

Themeforest is the world leader in providing the best quality WordPress themes and the collection is huge in the marketplace. There are more than 25000 templates and themes in Themeforest collection starting from $2.

Themeforest Affiliate program offers the following features-

  • Themeforest affiliate program provides a good percentage to the affiliates. When a user joins through an affiliate, the affiliate gets 30 percent of the first cash deposit of every referral. For example, if a person buys item worth of $20, he or she receives $6 as a commission for this referral purchase.
  • Themeforest affiliate program offers more than $3 million per year.
  • Earnings in your affiliate account appear automatically
  • Withdrawals can be made after the balance of $50 but for earnings less than $50, you can still make purchases on any of the Envato market sites.

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Genesis Themes affiliate program

Genesis framework is the most popular theme amongst the professional affiliate bloggers and the affiliate marketers.  It is the lightweight theme and loads fast without loading unnecessary features. This keeps the readers attentive and concentrated on the content. This framework is equipped with the artistic interface and modern design which helps in conveying a perfect message according to your plan.

Because of the features explained above, Genesis theme makes a big network for the affiliate marketers.  The salient features of this theme are-

  • Every sale gives 35% commission to the affiliates
  • It is a two tier affiliate program
  • The payout is made through a ShareAsale service which sends it directly to your bank account.
  • The cookies are used for 60 days.

WordPress Plug-ins Affiliate Programs

There is a limitless number of WordPress plug-ins available in the WordPress plug-in marketplace. This marketplace is very competitive and hundreds of plug-ins are added on a regular basis to provide additional capabilities to a WordPress site.  Let us have a look at these offering best WordPress affiliate programs to the affiliate marketers.

Clickbank Affiliate ProgramClickbank WordPress Plug-in

Clickbank is the largest digital information product store in the world. As an affiliate of Clickbank, you can make tonnes of cash by promoting their products.

With just a few clicks it is possible to host more than 10000 Clickbank products on your website using the plug-in.

Salient features-

  • Easy to install and takes hardly a few seconds to set up the plug-in
  • Easy integration with the WordPress theme
  • Improved titles and descriptions of every Clickbank products
  • Product image cover of every product in storefront

Plugmatter Affiliate Program

Plugmatter owns many WordPress plug-ins which can be used for earning money online. They are providing 50% commission on every sale you make. Their affiliate programs can be joined free of cost and you can earn a good money by actively participating in their affiliate marketing program. The best way to earn money through them is to write about their products in the articles you write.

WordPress Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Web hosting is required for all types of websites or blogs to store their database in the form of images, videos, text etc. If you want to start affiliate marketing for the first time, WordPress web hosting can be the best solution. Within a shorter period of time, you can earn a lot of money with the WordPress web hosting affiliate programs. There are two types of hosting available for affiliate marketing and they are-

Shared HostingShared Hosting

Shared hosting is the very common type of web hosting and most of the hosting providers give this type of service. It means that the provider served multiple sites each having its own domain name from a single server. Here are some of the best-shared hosting providers which give the  and on time.

  • iPages
  • BlueHost
  • Hostgator
  • A Small Orange

You should check out their official pages to know more about the commissions and features for affiliate programs

Managed WordPress HostingManaged WordPress Hosting

This type of WordPress hosting is growing popular day by day because of increase in the traffic due to successful blogs.  In terms of affiliate marketing, this product is costly and therefore the commission to affiliates is also good.

WP Engine Affiliate program is the best example which offers the minimum payout of $200 on every sale.

Final Words:

WordPress Affiliate program is thus a great way to earn money through your website and content.  The programs mentioned in the article are just a few examples from the long list of best WordPress affiliate programs. There are many more programs which can help you in making a lot of money in a short while. All you need to do is to search for “product name +Affiliate program” in Google which will provide you with some best affiliate programs to follow.


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