Battle between E-commerce Giants – Amazon India vs. Flipkart

Battle between E-commerce Giants - Amazon India vs. Flipkart

India is set to become digital India day by day and the market based on the internet change into giant industry day by day, with the recent report with 100 million new internet users jump into the market and Amazon India is battling with Flipkart and set the mark on top in India.

Amazon Vs Flipkart

Moreover, continuously another big e-commerce player “Flipkart” comes back with a significant investment to dominate the battle of Indian e-commerce market.

How Flipkart Dominate the E-Commerce Industry

As all internet guru is aware with that Flipkart is not considered as Start-up now because of its high growth percentage. However, recently Flipkart announced that famous international companies like Microsoft, China’s Tencent and eBay invested around $1.4 billion, and according to all Internet guru, this investment is the biggest investment ever raised by an Indian Start-up.

Flipkart is just a 10-year-old e-commerce company, and it leads Indian market from last 6-7 years and these companies always grab all support to compete with Seattle-based giant Amazon.

How will it Affect Indian e-Commerce Market?

Based on Google report, All non-internet friendly Indian connects with the Internet for the first time in every three seconds which is a good number as well as good news for all e-commerce websites, and this is why all Indian and international e-commerce site wants to lead e-commerce industry in India.

If the stats from Google will grow then, it will be easy for Indian Market that they can beat the stats of International e-Commerce market soon with the help of market giants like Amazon, Flipkart & we should not forget Snapdeal because they also did a great job but not like Amazon or Flipkart.

A Major Threat of Flipkart (Amazon India)

We all technology lovers are aware of the power of which rules the worldwide industry of e-commerce and Amazon Launched their Indian version in 2013. Exact six years after Flipkart which already start to control Indian industry of shopping online.

So is it easy for Amazon India to compete with Indian Giants like Flipkart? No, but we should never forget Amazon was the oldest player in this industry even when Flipkart and Snapdeal Ideas came into their respected owner’s mind.

So slowly but Amazon understand the nerve of Indian consumer’s very fast where Indian rulers still focusing on building empires, and this is the point where Amazon becomes a significant threat for Flipkart as well as for SnapDeal.

You will find out below how Amazon threatens Indian start-ups and how they still try to give back the competition to Amazon.

Flipkart is Acquiring Snapdeal (Almost a Done Deal)

Recently the biggest topic in the Indian e-commerce market is about Flipkart merging with eBay US. However, because Flipkart is not officially confirmed the news, but according to YourStory’s Sources, Flipkart has raised $1 billion current funding for all possible growth.

However, now the major topic is changed because according to rumor Flipkart is buying SnapDeal soon and it is considered as a shock because SnapDeal is the third largest player in Indian e-commerce industry.

Recently, based on Forbes India news (From Anonymous Sources of Forbes India) it is confirmed that Flipkart will acquire Snapdeal soon because SnapDeal’s biggest investor SoftBank which holds almost 33% stake is pushing this deal from the Snapdeal’s director table to the final agreement.

As well as Indian Media also confirmed the contract, however, no one confirmed this news from officials of SnalDeap or Flipkart. As per Business Standard report, however, Snapdeal biggest investor SoftBank is pushing the deal to final, but they failed to convince the owner of SnapDeal (Jasper Infotech) for doing the deal with Flipkart.

Why Snapdeal Struggle to Stand in the Industry?

As all Industry leaders already know that Flipkart owns Jabong and Myntra and covers 70% online fashion market share, and SnapDeal left with nothing in the market because Amazon India also includes fashion category with top notch marketing.

As well as Flipkart already took over online electronics industry so what’s left for SnapDeal, it is the harsh truth but nothing left for them to stay in the market.

Time is not that good for any of the e-commerce sites. Flipkart is battling with Amazon day today because Amazon India is leading on top in every category and Flipkart trying to save their position but Amazon India just focus on providing quality to users, and it is the shockingly truth that Indians love to shop with Amazon mostly and Amazon India covers most of the market.

So, if the entire leading news will be accurate then SnapDeal is no longer will lead to the third position and soon the Indian e-commerce market will be handled by Amazon India and Flipkart and the rest fight will be dealt with by these two giants.

So based on these all factors, You can say Flipkart is trying everything to beat Amazon India, and after the acquisition of SnapDeal, Flipkart will stand their feet in the market with more strength.

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Who is Leading This Fight?

This question pop-out in every consumer’s mind that which one is better and which one is bad while talking about important factors such as Customer Service, Seller’s Service, Product Quality, Trust Factor and much more.

So let’s share some points with details here:

Customer Service:

Customer Service is the most important thing to remember for every e-commerce business, as we all knows that buyers or clients whatever you call it a GOD for business and if you can make them happy once then any company can reach on top in a very short period.

In E-commerce business “Customer Service” is the key to making the first time buyer into a regular consumer, and this thing is not considerable by Indian companies, but Amazon knows very well about it.

For Example, We took a small survey online in India, and some facts came in front of us. We would like to share that with you guys, Flipkart promise to return the product without questions asked but according to some Flipkart users. While they are contacting Flipkart for return the product, they make excuses and force you to wait for one week and so on.

While Amazon policies are very clear and according to buyers, if you want to return the product from your door then the package guy never asked the question as per Amazon training. Same happen with customer service “You can say Amazon Customer Service is the best in India” for now.

Product Quality:

Again based on an Online survey, according to buyers and you can check YouTube as well, both companies vendors sometimes cheat the consumers by providing fake product in the original package. As well as some people also complain that they order a phone and got soap in the original box of the smartphone.

However, in this situation, all companies always took a step forward to solve buyer issue. Both Amazon and Flipkart always try to provide branded and real product, but some vendors make this kind of cheap things and make these companies good will down.

Which Platforms Better for Indian Affiliate Marketers?

Affiliate Marketing is new for Indian Marketers, but recently affiliate marketing is in trend because of Indian Bloggers, Bloggers provide all kind of affiliate marketing sources with ordinary people and provides all tutorials and guides so unknown users of Internet can also make money from affiliate marketing system.

In simple words, all e-commerce sites provide affiliate section on their sites, and anyone can become an affiliate with them and sell his or her products and make a commission out of them.

Amazon India for Affiliate Marketers:

According to popular bloggers and affiliate marketers, Amazon is the best platform to start affiliate marketing because Amazon India is perfect in every aspect of members. They release the payments on time and came with excellent deals for affiliate marketers to promote.

Amazon is famous for amazing coupons and offers on products so affiliate marketers can provide best products with discounted price on their sources.

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Flipkart for Affiliate Marketers:   

While talking about Flipkart, we got mix response from affiliate marketers. One side some came with the positive review about Flipkart and some came with damn negative reviews which should never hide from users of Flipkart.

Some people are continuously working with Flipkart affiliate program, and Flipkart app installs the program, where you got an amount when someone introduces Flipkart app via your link. So it all depends on your research whether you want to work with them or not.

As we mention about Flipkart acquires Snapdeal news, if this deal will finalize then all affiliates of SnapDeal will be the part of Flipkart affiliate marketplace so that Flipkart will give the perfect fight to Amazon India.


We hope all Indian buyers now understand which platform is better for them and who will rule the Indian e-Commerce industry. If you still have any doubt, then you can drop your questions in the comment section below. If you like this post, then don’t forget to share this post with your friends on social media handles.


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