Efficient Marketing of Your Business Ideas

Efficient Marketing of Your Business Ideas

Remember the tagline of the popular mobile network “An Idea Can Change Your Life.” True by all means! Every successful startup or brand started with merely an idea that was fresh for people and was widely appreciated.

We Indians focus on “How to trend our time for more money?” rather than working to develop some idea which can earn money for you even when you are not working.

People who are of the other kind, and wake up with profits every morning, are from us only, however; their concern is simple, to make their business work for them 24/7 and to earn money with each passing minute.

Creating an online startup is more of this kind’s people job who are always eager to know why someone can be more successful than them; especially when they are equally skilled, experienced and hard-working.

Trust me; I was also one of those people who never thought about creating something new, but now when I look at my past, I feel it was not that difficult too, if not very easy for me.


Nothing special as such!

You are planning for an online startup; just concentrate on “Why do I need to create the idea?” If you can answer this question, you are ready to go!

Create a need of the idea and look for the people who might be interested into your idea for their business or individual reasons.

Getting the Idea noticed:

Getting the Idea noticed

One of the biggest blunders that I have seen Indian Beginners making is when they believe that a lot of funding is needed to develop a plan up to a level where it can be successfully launched.

Are you serious?
I mean, what is the guarantee?
Isn’t it like a huge expectation that people will buy your idea?

Smart people will never waste their time in lengthy development processes before the launch. They plan on getting the idea noticed easily and quickly.

For example, you can take the scenario when someone intends to create an educational product that helps you apply to the best universities and colleges in India.

You need to spend a lot on the promotions, and still, not a single conversion is sure. All you can is to pray that people like your product and use it; sounds horrible to me.

Testing the Idea with people:

The fundamental element of launching an Idea instantly is to check it before you start working on it.

It is very common that when we are deep down involved in the integrities of the product or service we are planning to launch soon, we overlook the obvious issues with it.

Small slip-ups that can turn into bigger mistakes are not so easily avoidable, and hence, we need the most promising tool here, known as the “Consumer Feedback.”

Positive feedback is what can encourage you to invest more money and efforts into your product while a negative feedback can stop you from launching the product before you fix the glitches out.

Do not get into lengthy and complicated feedback procedures, make it as simple as like asking someone, “Do you like it?” It will not only save your time and give you accurate assessments but also save on your costs for “Test Marketing.”

Experimenting with the Idea:

Experimenting with the Idea

For online startups, this is the stage where landing pages come into the picture.

The question is “How I can use landing pages for work?”

Well… you might already be familiar with the concept; the theory of landing pages is pretty simple: You just need to present your idea to a group of people and collect their basic details in return such as their name, age, contact numbers or their email address.

It’s true that the ratio of people reverting to your idea will not be too significant, however; the effects of just a few people opting in for your landing pages can be huge.

When someone reads your opinion on a website or blog or social network; and then follow through by sharing their personal details; you will immediately realize whether your idea has a merit or not.

It will also confirm if the market wants your idea to be implemented and if you should invest your money and efforts for that idea.

Additionally, if you further decide to develop the product or service, you will already have a “ready to buy” customer list. Sound amazing, isn’t it?

How to create your landing pages?

Before I finish this section, let me give you a few tips for creating landing pages as well.

  • Buy a domain or create free landing pages on social networks. You can also use free service providers like Leadpages
  • Design a Logo that best describes your product/services; if not, at least relates to it. Take professional help from freelancers if you need to.
  • Ask your friends to share the information in their respective circles to have more audience for your idea.

Finishing the Idea:

Once you are ready with the idea; here is how you can start:

  • Set up one or more landing pages, as required by the product/service.
  • Conduct a light promotion through local newspapers or social media.
  • Keep checking the submissions towards your idea and their weight.

Here’s the key feature: you spend comparatively short time and learn a lot more that could have taken months otherwise and cost you much more than this plan.

You will eventually have a core audience interested in your product/service, nearly for free. Oh yes, you need to be somewhat synced with your audience and offer something that should encourage people to share their personal information in exchange.

It hardly matters whether you continue with the Idea or not, at least you know what people think of your concept. And as the older people say “Practical Knowledge is far better than the researches and experiments were done inside the room.”; you will end up learning what you must follow and what you should avoid.

The Bottom Line:

One of the key components to developing the strong idea is to streamline the functions with automated workflows. You are free to test any idea that comes to your mind; it could be something physical or digital, even some course.

What matters is that it interests you and helps you create a product easily that sounds convincingly useful to your audience and encourages them to buy from you.

It’s never too late. Buckle up and create something fantastic, the sky is your limit!


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