Get Trendy to earn more in Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Get Trendy to earn more in Mobile Affiliate Marketing

In the fast-evolving digital world, one has to adapt to the ever-changing trends in the marketing world.

Affiliate Marketing trends in India has seen a shift towards digitization, which explains the immense popularity of Mobile Affiliate Marketing.

Both the affiliate and the advertiser need to adapt to the new marketing trends to be in the race. always strives to make its readers adept with all the evolving trends of affiliate marketing in India.

This article will give you an insight into the latest affiliate trends that are keeping the market abuzz. Getting trendy with these will help the affiliates to spur their sales this year.

Let us first have a look at the top marketing trends doing the round in India.

#1 – Smart Phones

The reach of smartphones is humongous. Hence both the advertiser and the affiliate should employ mobile-specific strategies and campaigns. Both affiliates and Advertisers should remember that most people in India use their smartphones to browse and surf the internet.

Therefore, the affiliate page, links, and banners have to be designed to ensure when seen on the mobile devices, the rendering of pages is as per expectations.

#2 – Push Traffic

Another smart way to get more engagement is via push traffic. Most smartphones and tablets prompt the user during the app installation process if they wish to be notified from time to time.

Any user who has opted for this is your prime target. Keep the user engaged through the regular in-app notifications intimating about new offers, promotions, ads, etc. Push app notifications, if used properly, can lead to a higher number of clicks and conversions.

#3 – Data Privacy and Trust

Well, for any business to survive and thrive, they must instill a sense of trust in their customer. Affiliate Marketing is no exception.

With a plethora of apps and data moving to the cloud, most users are vary of their private data remaining private. Hence, it is all the more important to ensure that your websites, blogs or landing pages are SSL enabled.

Imagine a prospective lead visiting your website and getting skeptical about seeing the warnings on the page!

#4 – Influencers

‘Influencer’ is one keyword that has been trending across all advertising platforms. An influencer is someone who has a tremendous social media following.

Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok are apps that are present on almost every smart handset.

Hence, advertisers are now collaborating with these social media influencers to endorse their products and offers.

One must engage with these influencers to promote, market, or share links or sites on their social media handles.

With influencer’s engagement, more traffic will be generated on the affiliate site and thus higher chances of a lead or conversion.

#5 – Content

Content is the king. For affiliates, the content has to be engaging to get more traffic to their sites.

Generally, the visual medium is more enticing and inviting. Therefore, video content gets more visitors. Hence the chances of a lead or conversion are more for engaging content.

#6 – AI Tools

AI or Artificial Intelligence is gradually changing things in almost all industries. Affiliate Marketing is one industry that can capitalize on AI to captivate more people on the sites thus increasing the traffic.

It is worth knowing that Google Ads and similar tools can auto-generate banners and creatives that are riveting. Affiliates can use these creatives to promote the brands and products.

Some AI tools are created to optimize the traffic as per your niche. Some tools help the affiliates to gather the traffic data and perform analytics as per user behavior, age, gender, preference, and demography.

Affiliates need to keep an eye on the latest tools that can help them manage and optimize their traffic.

#7 – Chatbots

Chatbots are tailormade for affiliate marketing. Chatbots are like AI assistants and used to determine the major keywords that identify the niche of the user and share the affiliate links.

 Integration with SIRI and Cortona with an affiliate is an example of a chatbot-affiliate association.

For example, if a user on a blog is interacting with a bot, and mentions what are the best e-commerce offers, the bot can redirect the user to the affiliate e-commerce links.

Chatbot helps in data gather and data analytics for traffic. Besides, it is like an additional platform for the affiliate to promote the brands and make more money.

How to make full use of the new marketing trends

These new mobile affiliate trends might appear too techie and vast at first glance. A new affiliate might wonder how these can benefit them.

Listed below are the key advantages of getting trendy with these new additions to your affiliate marketing set up.

  • Creation of new platform to market advertiser’s product and simultaneously identification of new traffic sources. Push notifications, Influencers, and chatbots are connecting you to new leads.
  • Leveraging on the popularity of smartphones. Most brands are coming with their respective mobile apps. Keeping that in mind, more focus should be on the creation of sites that are mobile-friendly and not dependent on the desktop view to connect to users.

If affiliates can capitalize on the massive population of mobile phone users in India, they can publicize their links to the biggest target group.

  • New AI and technology features will help to be in sync with the evolving pattern of the users. This will help affiliates efficiently plan their strategy. This strategic implementation will help affiliates to make more money.

While getting trendy with the latest offerings in the Marketing arena augurs well for the affiliates in India, there are certain factors to be cautious with.

  • Cost – As a fresh entrant to the world of mobile affiliate marketing, adopting the high-end IT tools like anti-fraud tools, SIRI and Google Automated ads, can be a little taxing for your pocket.

Also, engaging with influencers to promote a link or banner can entail good spend on the part of both the advertisers and affiliates.

  • Non-Uniformity of AI Tools – Chatbot amongst many AI tools is one to look out for in the future. However, too much reliance on them is not advisable. Firstly, because they are programmed to respond to specific keyword and might not function for other not so frequently used keyword. Also, based on the response, users can gauge that it is a machine that they are interacting with.


Well, the positives of the new marketing trends are too many to ignore. These marketing trends are sure to give a good headway to you as an affiliate marketer. Assess the trends well before implementing it for your business. 

You can choose to become trendy in phases, implying that you start with the trends that tap your niche audience. Gradually, you can add on newer trends to your affiliate sites. will maintain its trend of keeping its readers posted about all the new trends going on in the marketing arena, so that the trends turn out to be rewarding.