Top Hosting Affiliate Programs in India

Top Hosting Affiliate Programs in India

Thinking of some extra quick bucks over and above your paycheck? Do you blog often on bubbling topics like technology, food or aerospace? If this is what you love to do then here is some good news for you in store.

Choose to be a web host affiliate and mint money without any pressure, deadlines or a stinging boss. No matter how startling this news is to your ears, but this indeed is some good news.

Why choose Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?

Becoming a web host affiliate is simple but what needs attention is the question as to why choose web host affiliate program in the first place. Choose it for the following reasons:

  • It’s a real simple way to earn quick bucks, stress free bucks, without any responsibility towards anyone.
  • Low expenses or for that matter no expenses or infrastructure requirement
  • Your reputation is not at cost. Moreover it’s a money minting affair without anything at stake, not even a penny.

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs are by far the best options to earn money from Affiliate Marketing simply because the commission rate is good and no pressure.

There are many web hosting affiliate programs in India and the world across but then trusting any random program can bring in serious consequences and hence it is more than just ‘important’ to scan through the details of the programs carefully before signing up.

To sort the confusion, here’s a quick scan of the Top Hosting Affiliate Programs in India that will allow you to take your pick instantly.

Blue Host

Blue Host Affiliate Program

This, by far, seems to be a top choice among many who opt to be a web host affiliate in India. This is because of the amazing web hosting affiliate programs starting at $65 per referral. The company has paid out nearly $5 million dollars as commission during the last financial year which instantly certifies their affiliate base.

The following points dole out to the reason as to why BlueHost is the buzzing choice for many who choose to be web hosting affiliates in India. Just send the visitors who stopover on your blog or website to Blue Host and they’ll take of their rest.

  • Easy signups
  • No cap on the earnings
  • Dedicated and free online support in addition to timely payments

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Dream Host Affiliate Program

This portal is known to abide by its words which say ‘You spread the word; we’ll take care of the rest’.  Choose to be their web host affiliate and money is surely coming your way if you could get your friends, colleagues and other acquaintances to sign up for hosting at DreamHost.

  • Earn up to $97 plus additional $5 with every referral that you make.
  • Refer not many but just one customer per month and earn up to $1164 annually; the best part is that you don’t really need to be their customer to become their affiliate.

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Host Gator Affiliate ProgramThis platform has been able to make it to Top Hosting Affiliate Programs in India because of its one-two-three easy signup process and out-of-the box web hosting affiliate programs. They are popular because of their simple and easy to understand commission rates and timely payments by cheque and/or PayPal.

  • The rate of commission ranges from $50 to $125 per month which entails one to twenty one signups a month.
  • The support is readily available to help you setup and provide tools that you’ll require to set the ball rolling.

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GoDaddy Affiliate ProgramWhether you run a blog, administer a website or hold rights to an email newsletter, you can be a web hosting affiliate with GoDaddy. Making its way to Top Hosting Affiliate Programs in India, this site has been able to play big so far with its programs to the interested folks.

Bid goodbye to those random banners that at times destroy the look of your blog or website with GoDaddy that gives you the option to choose from a variety of banners and texts that blends with your site flawlessly. Being paid directly or through a cheque acts like an icing on the cake.

  • You don’t lose anything with GoDaddy as there are absolutely no obligations to signup
  • No Minimum cost or minimum purchase requirement


BigRock Affiliate ProgramThis is yet another booming company that is out with its web hosting affiliate programs in India and is playing big; you can earn up to 2500INR per sale with Big Rock.

  • The portal allows you to choose from various banner and text options to choose from that helps you to be an affiliate with style.
  • The support that they offer to help you set up is dedicated and is up and running 24/7.

All you need to do is just take your visitors to them and they’ll take care of the rest.

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How to be a Web Host Affiliate?

This is one important question that many seek answer to. The terms and conditions in addition to the sign up process differ across portals and hence require serious reading. This is because there are can be some points that you might not want to adhere to or some issues that you might need to take care of before inserting the banners to your blog or website.

It is hence recommended that you read along the terms and conditions to understand the sign up process and choose to be a host affiliate accordingly with a portal that offers best commission rates in addition to quick and stress free payments.

In the End

Avenues are many when it comes to Top Hosting Affiliate Programs in India but then choosing one out of the many isn’t a cakewalk. This write up is surely designed to help you set the ball rolling but then we strongly recommend that you read on the dedicated portals to know more. To know more about the buzzing news related to the tech world, visit us again.

Good Luck!




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