Top 7 Benefits of Choosing Dedicated Server

Benefits of Choosing Dedicated Server

While some new businesses prefer shared hosting services, they might not get lot of traffic towards their site. However, if you wish to attract lot of website traffic then you can switch to dedicated server hosting services as it will offer you various benefits like reliability and monitor the resources used.

Top benefits of availing the services of a dedicated server

#1 – High amount of reliability

When you avail the services of a dedicated server, you get added reliability. This makes it much better than the shared hosting plan as you will not be sharing the server with the rest. Your server will not crash often making it a reliable option as others will not swipe away your bandwidth.

#2 – Greater flexibility

When you have a shared server it is not possible to enjoy better flexibility. You can easily manage the server configuration by switching over to a dedicated server. This also indicates that you are free to use the resources towards the up keeping of your website by availing the services of dedicated server.

#3 – Enjoy administrative access

This is one of the major benefits of the dedicated server. In shared server, you will not have the privilege of enjoying the administrative access to the server you share as the hosting company will limit your access. However you can get root access to the server and keep a track of the resources used.

#4 – Better technical support

The technical support in shared server is not perfect which can make you have a non operative website for a couple of days. This can affect your ROI badly as it can hinder your customers’ shopping experiences. If you have opted for dedicated server then you can enjoy various benefits through the best technical support through the hosting provider.

The array of technical assistance benefits that you will receive are discussed below.

  • Well trained professional team would respond quick time to resolve the issues you are facing or will help troubleshoot any problem as soon as you need them.
  • They would also provide enough advice to help you overcome various issues to make your website in impeccable condition.
  • If there is any issue with the server’s protection or a security threat then these dedicated professionals can alleviate the issues immediately with round the clock back up services.
  • They are available to offer you assistance 24 hours through online chat, toll free phone lines and through emails.

#5 – Impeccable storage facility

You might not enough space at your office to store your own server. But this is not the case when you choose a dedicated server as you need not allocate separate space for it as your hosting company will keep it in a secure and safe location to make sure it performs well.

#6 – Open to customization

Unlike the shared server services that do not allow you to customize the server for the fear of eating up the bandwidth, dedicated server allows you to play around to improve your site’s ability without any restrictions. You can add new software, include better feeds, opt for better Operating System and manage your site in a better way.

#7 – High level of security

Availing the service of a dedicated server is a wise idea as it bestows good amount of security to your site. They are less prone to cyber attacks as you will not be sharing your IP address or hardware with others. As you have a separate IP address, others will not blacklist it.

In a nutshell, you are free to make any changes of your choice, enhance the performance of the site and stay assured of your businesses’ security while having a fully functional website.



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