Most Useful Apps For Your Startup

Most Useful Apps For Your Startup

Gone are the days when most of your accounting requirements were totally dependent on specialized skill sets and some bulky accounting software. While Tally is still the most commonly used software for accounting these days; you can use the below listed apps as a good alternative for your business needs.

#1 – Intacct

intacctThe Intacct System flaunts itself to be the most recommended app by entrepreneurs and they are true to their words as their great customer satisfaction ratings prove it. The integrated system includes a lot of features such as:

  1. Business Accounting
  2. Inventory Control
  3. Purchase Supervision
  4. Revenue Recognition
  5. Contract Management
  6. Vendor Management
  7. Audit Reporting, and
  8. Financial Consolidation


#2- Xero

XeroJust like the inventive name, spelt with X; Xero is an innovative yet a simple and clean accounting solution for startups. The app is cloud-based and offers an easy to use interface that helps you

  1. Reconcile Various Budgets
  2. Send Quick Invoices
  3. Create Expense Claims, and
  4. Record Receipts.


#3 – Mint

MintMint claims to be the most suitable free option to manage your money and truly, it impresses the world sometimes. They have an amazing interface which is quite similar to YouTube website. Mint enables you to see all your transactions and balances instantly on your PC or mobile devices by:

  1. Bringing all your Financial Accounts at one online location
  2. Automatic Categorization of all your transactions
  3. Setting Budgets for your future plans
  4. Helping you achieve your Savings Goals


#4 – InDinero

indineroInDinero is a budget tool that serves you up with an attractive and easy to operate dashboard. With InDinero, you will be able to:

  1. Automatically Categorize Your Expenses
  2. Get Information of Your Accounts as and when required, and
  3. Generate a Comprehensive View of your Business Finances


#5 – QuickBooks

QuickBooksQuickBooks is the perfect app for accounting tasks on the move. It makes invoicing and other accounting functions a breeze with its user friendly interface. You cannot be happier when you are also given an option to attach photographs and insert quick notes to your Estimates, Invoices, Transactions and even Customers.


#6 – FreshBooks

FreshBooksFresh and Young Entrepreneurs who are mostly internet savvy and feel comfortable while using cloud computing, will simply love FreshBooks App; an Instant Online Invoicing and Time Tracking Service that could save a lot of your time and brings the professional out of you.

FreshBooks is a cloud based accounting software that allows you to invoice your clients and run your startup business, just like the seasoned players of the industry.


#7 – Wave

WaveWave is a preferred accounting app of over 2 million users around the world and is designed to command the financial functions of:

  1. Freelancers
  2. Contractors
  3. Consultants
  4. SMBs

You will love their Receipt Scanning Tool which saves much of your time. Wave also allows you to collaborate with your Business Partners or Advisors in real time.

Besides a host of Invoicing and Accounting Features; the availability of the app across multiple online mobile platforms and the ease of synchronization over the internet makes it a hot favorite.


#8 – AceMoney

AceMoneyThere are great Financial Software and there are new ones like AceMoney; which may not be loaded with a lot of nice features, yet the Personal Finance Managing Software from AceMoney is exceptionally easy to navigate and has several important features, such as the capability to:

  1. Manage Mortgages
  2. Check Spending Habits, and
  3. Verify Current Cash Flow


#9 – KashFlow

KashFlowKashFlow is an app specially designed to simplify the Accounting and Bookkeeping Process for your small businesses.; irrespective of the systems and applications you use or the level of experience you possess.

KashFlow apparently exists in the market as it features a lot of facilities that you can benefit from. And the ease of incorporating e-wallets such as PayPal, results in the increasing demand of the app around the world.


The Bottom Line:

There are times when Financial Planning and Accounting become the biggest nightmare for any of us and make even the bravest of entrepreneurs go weak in his heart. Considering how complex, awkward and critical the Business Accounting can be for any startup; we have come up with the above list to bring you some of the best apps.

Although, the ease and successful operations are not guaranteed for every startup owner; yet these apps can certainly make the accounting part like a walk in the clouds for most of us.




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