Managing Your Marketing Disclaimer Right

Managing Your Marketing Disclaimer Right

The marketing disclaimer is not a part of an affiliate marketing page that many people like to work on, but it is something that has to be produced anyway. Such a disclaimer lets the reader know what is happening with a site and how it is to be run.

The disclaimer is required for any affiliate marketing site to ensure that the reader understands that someone is operating the page with the intention of making money off of it. This is a vital point that must be reviewed well when operating anything online. If anything, it adds a sense of transparency that is typically recommended for when you are aiming to produce a quality site that stands out.

You must see that the disclaimer is managed to where people can see it. The disclaimer must be noticed well enough so the users of your site can see what it features.

What Must Your Disclaimer Include?

A proper marketing disclaimer must be designed with a series of details that explain to the reader what you are doing and how your marketing efforts are being run. The disclaimer will typically include the following points:

  • It states that you are receiving compensation from some business that you are in an affiliate program with.
  • It also says that you are entirely independent in your work and that you are responsible for the content being posted on the site.
  • Any cases where you received something from a merchant must be listed here. You can also let the reader know if there are any cases where you did not get anything from that merchant.
  • Additional contact information relating to your legal status and your relationship with someone could also be included just to confirm a relationship with someone. The user does not have to click on this part of the site although that person could do so only to get confirmation of what is on a site at a given time.

Be Clear In Its Position

Your marketing disclaimer must appear on any page that has a review or other vital bits of information relating to a product or service you are promoting. It must be used to give the reader a clear understanding of what you have received for your promotional efforts.

Also, you must keep that disclaimer in a spot where people can see it. The disclaimer should be visible enough near the critical bits of information you are writing. This should be placed in an open spot to let the reader figure out and notice that you are doing this with a right amount of monitoring in mind.

Make It Rather Visible

As you place your disclaimer on your site, you have to make sure it is fully visible and noticeable. Several standards must be used when creating your disclaimer immediately noticeable:

  • The font must be of the same size as that of the font on the regular text on your site.
  • The font must also come in the same colour. It must be noticeable when compared with the background.
  • You can produce a box around the disclaimer to make it easier to spot immediately. This is not required, but it does draw the user’s attention when used right.
  • The content can also be in an italic typeface although that is optional.

The primary consideration at this point is to see that there are no problems over what may be used at a given time. This has to be used well to see that the content in question is ready to be noticed.

Use No Action

No actions should be required when trying to get onto a disclaimer page. The user must be able to access the content precisely without having to click on a separate link just to gain access to the disclaimer. In other words, the content cannot be hidden behind a link that is entirely optional for the user to access. The content must be straight out there in the open for the reader to notice and use.

Be direct when getting your disclaimer out on your site. You must produce this part of your page to let the reader know what you are doing with your site and that you have direct information that can be shared.


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