Excellent Strategies To Ramp Up Your Success In B2B Marketing

Excellent Strategies To Ramp Up Your Success In B2B Marketing

If you are a B2B marketer or a small or mid-sized company in the B2B space, you will surely understand how difficult is to find avenues for better lead generation. The new era of the digital revolution has changed the scenario.

Today your customers rely on the internet to do it all. They rely on the web right from the fact-finding to brand relationship building and therefore the challenge to the B2B marketer for this new era has grown to a big level!

Are you doing things wrong?

Every successful strategy of a B2B business is geared towards generating more and more leads. But as a matter of fact, creating a successful B2B marketing strategy is not easy as it may seem. Do you know that there are thousands of companies which are doing things wrong!

Obviously, if you are a serious B2B businessman, you want to grow your company quickly and want to generate more leads. But taking the most advantageous path and adopting the bet strategies is what needed always. Let us have a look on some of the best strategies which will help your B2B business to grow quickly.

Make your online presence the best!

Starting with the first and foremost need of any B2B business, companies have to realise the need of well-managed website which is very critical.

Your website is your digital kingdom where your first impression to any new customer or prospect is placed. You need to share your brand story, add a way to connect with the people and give a great impression through your website.

Your online presence needs to be at par with the present standard and the visitors have to be given a top-notch branding and easy navigation.

Do you have a great content?

Content is King today and a powerful and dynamic content on your websites and blogs provide a great impression of your website! In fact, many B2B businesses succeed in the job of explaining what they want in a better way but fail to make the content dynamic.

Blogs, Videos and infographics are the mediums through which you can make your content more appealing and dynamic. Customers respond to educational and informational content and products or services come later.

So the best strategy is- Tell your story in different formats! The more often you tell your story; there is more likeliness that your story will be heard!

According to TopRank, the most effective techniques in content marketing are-

  • In-person events-
  • Case Studies-
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Research reports and White Papers

So, you need to develop a perfect blend of different types of content in your strategy and make the content so engaging that your conversion rates go higher!

Business data enrichment- Is your business data correct?

Well, this is a common problem in the B2B businesses. Do you know that on an average every 30 minutes, 120 business records change, 75 phone numbers change and around 30 new businesses come in the market!

So here lies the importance of the data accuracy or your business information. Businesses have to keep the customer and prospect information complete and up-to-date all the time. It is obvious a wrong address, phone number or email can result in a complete loss of time and communication and ultimately money to a business.

To get your data into shape, take the help of reliable third party vendors who correct your wrong information and keep your email, phone number and other records up-to-date.

Communications Strategy

Just creating a great and dynamic content is not enough. You need to take the help of the most effective channels to promote your content whether unpaid or paid.

Smart marketers today, take the maximum use of all the channels to reach the potential buyers and the customers. They make the maximum use of the investment made and create a perfect marketing mix!

Measurement Strategy

And this is not all! Creating great content, employing effective communicational channels and business data enrichment is not the only strategies for B2B success.  In today’s competitive world it is critical to outline your measurement strategy.

An effective measurement strategy in B2B businesses is to take into account the 4 elements which are-

  • Volume
  • Conversion
  • Velocity
  • Value

There are different metrics for different types of stakeholders and therefore different role players select different elements-

For example- demand generation managers may look out for conversion ratios to assess and fine-tune their efforts.

Campaign managers may deal with volume-based metrics like visits, clicks and the number of shares.

Upcycle your content

Often you create content and forget it. Upcycling is a trend which consists of reusing and rebuilding the previously published content to boost visibility and extend the shelf life. Here are some of the ways to do so-

  • Create a Slideshare of the content
  • Put the article in a new video and post it on YouTube
  • Republish article in LinkedIn and other social channels
  • Create an infographic with the content and share it with many users
  • Create whitepaper to expand it


And what can be more effective than personalization for the B2B marketers! Delivering personalised communications through different channels is one of the most powerful strategies for a B2B marketer. According to Accenture’s report, nearly 50% of B2B buyers want personalization and consider as a key feature in the supplier they want to work with!

So personalise, personalise and personalise! Take the help of the following mediums-

  • Social Media- A powerful way to engage socially
  • Email- A way to send targeted communication to targeted customers
  • Websites- A way to personalise with landing pages and promotions
  • Phone- A way to offer personalised recommendations and offers at the moment!

Final Words

So the B2B buyers have become sophisticated and need to be convinced more towards the selling of your B2B products!

Your marketing strategies should, therefore, be smarter and should be able to do the heavy lifting before the buyer is fully convinced to buy your product!


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